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"A photographic image cannot be judged on its merits as being good or bad from someone else's viewpoint. The question should be, did it turn out the way the photographer saw it in their minds eye? If the answer is yes then that is all that matters."

Alphonso L. Ashworth

Photographer, Instructor, Story Teller

I have been a working photographer for 30 years. Owned and operated a Photofinishing Lab for almost 29 years. We have served and trained countless novice and professional photographers. As the industry has evolved we have kept pace and survived in a sea of much larger fish. We maintain the motto we started from day one. "Committed to Quality". Over the years we have managed a portrait studio, photographed and video many weddings and assisted others with classes. The "Educated Eye" is the phrase used for Light Vision Art, a photography course that is still growing. Private and group classes and now a full online class.


"You are born an original, Don't die a copy"

"A photo is often look at but seldom looked into" 

"Shadows, some hind and some reveal"

"A camera is but a box with a hole in it."

"There is always two people in every picture. The photographer and the viewer"

"Your first 10,000 photographs are your worse"

~ Henri Cartier Bresson

"Without self discipline, success is impossible"